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"Chile" Brown Calico (Tortie/White) (first photo above courtesy of Mandy)

"Paks" Brown Tortie (second photo above courtesy of Lynn & Derek)

Brown Tortie and Brown Torbie/White Littermates

Blue Tortie

Blue (Dilute) Calico (Tortie/White)


Note: Kittens of these colours (three colours) are almost always females, see our FAQ page to find out why!

Often referred to as "Mother Nature's Idea of Abstract Art."

"Torties (tortoiseshell), Torbies (underlying tabby pattern),  and Calicos (tricolour) are very interesting! They tend to have what the cat fancy calls Tortie-tude. More than any other color, these girls have an "opinion" on everything. They will tell you exactly what that opinion is! At the same time, they can be one of the sweetest cats you will ever own."